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Greenlam's History

Among the world’s top three producer of laminates, Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence to the table. With a production capacity of 24.52 million sheets every year, we have always ensured that superior quality products are available to you. Innovative technology and creative solution have been our guiding principles from day one.

Professionals such as architects, interior designers and end consumers can rely on us to immerse their decor ideas with elegance and character.

We have a network of over 23,000 dealers and distributors to thank for maintaining our level of excellence and commitment. Our esteemed list of clients inspire us to innovate and ideate towards delivering the best.

Values That Drive Us

Here at Greenlam we want our decorative laminates not only to transform spaces, but also to enrich the lives of all of those who come in to contact with them. Yet this can only be achieved by upholding our core values, making sure that all our stakeholders understand and practice them in their working lives:

Trust - We trust people to be reliable and responsible and earn their trust similarly.

Speed - We are quick to decide, respond and execute.

Performance - We value performance across products, people and processes.

Team Work - We achieve more by collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Learning - We encourage learning; creating and nurturing talent.

We implement these core values in every aspect of our operations, through which we foster innovation in order to deliver the very best possible laminates. Never afraid to learn through our mistakes as long as we lead with products that enrich lives, our vision remains clear and transparent.

Greenlam's commitment to innovation will transform spaces through beautiful and purposeful decorative laminates that enrich lives.