Interior Designer and owner of Maer Atelier, Danielle Ma is a globetrotter and exquisite interior designer who gets inspiration and sparks creativity from exploring countries’ characters and bringing different perspectives back home.

We asked Danielle Ma about her career life as an Interior Designer, and the inspiration behind the Italian-inspired luxurious home.

In her own words, she loves looking at art and furniture pieces on her travels, extracting colorings, forms, and lines, and applying them to her interior designs.

Her fascination with transforming accustomed materials into completely different settings keeps her passionate about pursuing this line of business.

We sat down with Danielle Ma to hear her design philosophy and the influence of global travel on her take on aesthetics and go into detail about the role played by Greenlam Laminates in her profession.

Where do you draw inspiration for your Designs?

“I try to dig up my client’s interests and their characters and eventually incorporate that into my designs. An example is this house, my client prefers Italian style, something very classy and long-lasting, and a casual yet comfortable meeting space.

From how my client described it, I already knew what materials to use, to give the house a luxurious feel, and the colours to choose that will give off different moods during daytime and nighttime.”

Elegant GEM 9003 Bronze Foil finishing for the island.

Why Choose Greenlam Laminates?

“Greenlam Laminates does a good job of doing dark timber. They’re very realistic and vivid in colour, especially when the light hits and the brown tone peaks through. Instead of just going for black that might be flat in tone, you don’t feel very dark about the whole space.

Even though we are using dark timber cladding all over the kitchen, the space still feels very bright and welcoming because of the excellent quality of the laminate materials that Greenlam has.

Other than the dark timber, Greenlam has so many different textures and colours to play with, such as Satin and Anti Fingerprints, and it gives Interior designers like me more options and flexibility to match other materials in our designs.”

Modern minimalism kitchen cabinets using TRC 5380 BLACK FOREST, resulting in a lavish and grandeur look of the kitchen.

Word of Advice for Aspiring Interior Designer Students?

“I think as designers, we all start and go through the journey the hard way. Sometimes the mistake will be small, and it could be big. Learning from it allows you to stop being afraid of failure and use it as an opportunity for growth. So, take it seriously, and don’t give up!”

Colours used:

Cabinets in various rooms: TRC 5380 BLACK FOREST

Island Countertop: GEM 9003 Bronze Foil

Thank you, Danielle, for joining us Over a Glass!

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